challenge 7

challenge 7 is about your digital footprint but I’m not really one of the people who text or tweet, I’m one of those people who likes sports and playing video games with my friends. please leave any comments below for what you want next.


Hey guys so sorry that I haven’t been posting, it’s because of internet problems here so please  please  please leave any comments below about want you want next. before that happens I’ll see you here next time on the cool world news!

Video games

imagesThere are some cool games coming out like the super smash bros, sonic lost world, Lego marvel super heroes and I am getting a Wii U for my birthday with some games. If you visit my blog and want something on the blog be sure to comment below and I will put in the blog  (guaranteed):)

more cars??


One person commented on my blog and told to look up the Lamborghini Egosta

 and Lamborghini made it for there 50th aniversay and it look soooooooooooo cool!!!! I would like to thank you rayanm722 for showing me this cool car and you guys and gals should check out his blog at for all you car fans and this site isnt only about cars…. its about evrything cool. leave any suggestons below and GOODBYE………………FOR NOW!!!!

First Post!!!

BMW_i8_Concept_IAAHello everybody! my name is coolnews#14 and this is my very first post. On this blog I will tell you alot of things cool happing in the world and if I miss something, you can comment and I will put it in to my next post. For example… BMW has released a new futuristic car that has purple headlights and glass door that fold up. Also Phil Kessel has resigned for 8 years with the leafs. So you could Just call me the world news.  x-phil-kessel-20-september-2010